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Please Support Third Street Music School’s 125th Anniversary Fund

Help us empower students and change lives through music and dance!

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​125 Years of Changing Lives through Music

Founding Values

Third Street founder Emilie Wagner believed that access to music is an essential human need and the centerpiece of a community. 125 years later Third Street is still grounded in its founding values of access and excellence in music education, and continues to be a home for many New Yorkers to experience the joy that music provides. In fulfilling our mission, each year Third Street connects more than 5,000 students with music and dance instruction and invests over $1.4 million in tuition assistance to ensure that music and dance education is accessible to all those who seek its enrichment.

The Courage to Start and Create

For 125 years Third Street has been a place that fosters growth, creativity, and individual expression. Our exceptional faculty and nurturing environment allows students to build self-confidence that contributes to students’ development both as artists and individuals. Whether you have been playing an instrument for many years, or have just begun learning, Third Street is the place to find the courage to start and create no matter where you are on your musical journey.

Shared Community Through the Arts

The Third Street Partners program provides arts education and performance opportunities in 27 public schools and community centers across New York City. We bring the transformative power of music and dance to the lives of 3,400 children in under-served communities by sending our faculty into these spaces where access to music and dance may be limited or not available at all. At our headquarters and across New York City, Third Street creates a shared community through the arts that anyone can become a part of.

The Universal Language of Music

Much like music was the universal language shared by immigrants in the early settlement houses, today Third Street continues to provide thousands of New Yorkers of all backgrounds, abilities, and economic circumstances with high-quality music and dance education. Each year we connect over 10,000 people through 250 community dance and music performances in our East Village home and at celebrated venues across the city. From our youngest students in the Third Street Preschool to our older adults in our New Horizons Bands, music is shared every day, with everyone.


Third Street Music School Settlement relies on the generosity of supporters like you who share our belief that music connects us, enriches lives and makes our community stronger.

$5,000 supports 25 weeks of music and dance instruction for 50 New York City public school students

$2,500 underwrites a full year of instrument and ensemble instruction for one student

$1,000 enables a child to participate in an enrichment program like music theory, composition or musical theatre

$500 provides ensemble instruction for one older adult

$250 covers the cost of one day of professional development for a Third Street teaching artist

$125 provides one afternoon of music or dance classes at the Third Street Community Annex at Campos Plaza Public Houses